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Frederick Charles Lofgren (1918-2010)
Anders Gustaf Andersson Vik (1862-1942)
Anders Andersson Graff (1630-)
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Sven Andersson (1663-1743)
Elisabet Henriksdotter (1668-1731)
Anders Svensson (1693-1763)
Jons Padersson (1628-1695)
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Johan Jonsson (1657-1737)
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Anna Nyström (1816-1889)
Augusta Fredrika Nyström (1858-1888)
Carl Philip Andersson Wik (1887-1962)
Hilda Jonson (1882-1979)
Ellen Gerda Augusta Wik Lofgren (1917-1998)
Joyce Darlene Lofgren (1949-2019)
1949-10-19--2019-05-04 (kvinna)

Joyce Darlene Lofgren, age 69, resident of Cloquet, MN, peacefully passed away on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at her home. She was born on October 19th, 1949 in Duluth, MN to Frederick and Ellen (Wik) Lofgren.

She began her education at Pinewood Learning Center in Cloquet in 1968. In 1998, Joyce moved from Barnum to Pine Ridge Homes in Cloquet. Throughout the years, she worked for various local companies including Upper Lakes Foods, Cloquet Interiors, Northern Printers, and Northern Business Products, although, her favorite job title of all was “paper shredder” at Pine Ridge Homes, shredding confidential documents for numerous people and companies. Joyce was a member of 4-H and competed in bowling, track and field, swimming, and floor hockey for the Special Olympics, earning several medals of which she was extremely proud. If Joyce wasn’t knitting or dancing, she could be found baking bread or her famous cookies. A perfect outing to Joyce meant lunch at the Cloquet Pizza Hut followed by a chocolate ice cream sundae at DQ. She touched many, many lives with her unconditional love and will be remembered for her big hugs and contagious smiles.

Joyce ws preceded in death by her parents, Frederick and Ellen; sister-in-law, Helen; and nieces and nephews, Mandy, Sky, Jeremy, and Jennifer.

She is survived by her brothers: Charles (Jeri Ann Bredemus) Lofgren, Norman Lofgren, Arnold (Darlene) Lofgren, and Roger (Gwenn) Lofgren; sister, Yvonne (Craig) Peterson; nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews; and her family at Pine Ridge Homes and Pine Wood Learning Center of Cloquet.

Burial in the ELIM Lutheran Cemetery.

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