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Anders Jonsson (1677-)
Sigrid Svensdotter (1680-)
Jacob Andersson (1704-1781)
Kerstin Jonsdotter (1697-1737)
Jonas Jacobsson (1732-1803)
Sven Bengtsson (1646-1726)
Kerstin Bengtsdotter (-1735)
Bengt Svensson (1679-1763)
Brita Svensdotter (1702-1754)
Sven Bengtsson (1730-1791)
Sara Svensdotter (1731-1810)
Brita Svensdotter (1755-1820)
Jonas Jonsson (1786-1855)
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Ellika Håkansdotter (1730-)
Håkan Svensson (1764-)
Maria Andersdotter (1758-)
Maria Håkansdotter (1793-1844)
Johan Jakob Jonsson (1830-1915)
Anders Andersson Graff (1630-)
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Sven Andersson (1663-1743)
Elisabet Henriksdotter (1668-1731)
Anders Svensson (1693-1763)
Jons Padersson (1628-1695)
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Johan Jonsson (1657-1737)
Elisabet Nilsdotter (1660-)
Annica Jeansdotter (1694-1762)
Peter Andersson Horn (1731-1807)
Lars Christophersson
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Olof Larsson (1688-1767)
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Elin Andersdotter (1690-)
Brita Håkansdotter (1709-1790)
Erik Jonsson (1735-1809)
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Catharina Jansdotter (1740-1815)
Stina Eriksdotter Nyström (1762-1849)
Petter Pettersson Nyström (1795-1878)
Carl Nilsson (1794-1860)
Arvid Andersson
Margreta Persdotter
Anders Arvidsson (1722-)
Kerstin Nilsdotter (1728-)
Nils Andersson (1757-1794)
Pehr Larsson
Sara Andersdotter
Brita Persdotter (1760-1856)
Stina Nilsdotter (1793-1864)
Anna Nyström (1816-1889)
Anna Stina Nyström (1839-1926)
Axel Fredrik Johansson (1867-1940)
Elizabeth Johnson (1871-1943)
Myrtle V Johnson (1910-1982)
1910-11-22--1982-08-27 (kvinna)

When Myrtle V Johnson was born on November 22, 1910, in Rhode Island, her father, Axel, was 43, and her mother, Elizabeth, was 39. She lived in Providence, Rhode Island, for more than 23 years from 1915 to 1938. She had three sisters.

Enligt US Census 1940 är hon arbetssökande och bor i föräldrahemmet

Death: 27 Aug 1982 Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island, USA

Town recreation panel member, active in civic and sports groups Myrtle V. Wheeler , 71, of 21 Watson Ave. Narragansett, a member of the Narragansett Recreation Advisory Board and a former Providence teacher, died yesterday at home. She was the widow of Roger W. Wheeler , the state recreation safety official after whom the Roger W. Wheeler State Beach, Sand Hill Cove, was named.

Born in Providence, she was the daughter of Axel F. and Elizabeth (Carlson) Johnson

Mrs. Wheeler was active in many community organizations and was well-known in recent years for her work with the Narragansett Little League, running the its concession stand for the past four years.

Mrs. Wheeler retired in 1972 after 15 years of teaching home economics in the Providence school system. She had taught at George West Junior High School.

She graduated from the former Rhode Island State College, now the University of Rhode Island, in 1932. She served in the Work Projects Administration (WPA) as a supervisor of nutrition for Rhode Island schools. She had worked at the URI extension school and had attended Columbia University.

Mrs. Wheeler was a former member of the Washington Park Taxpayers' Association and the Broad Street PTA. She was a volunteer at South County Hospital and was secretary for the hospital auxiliary for six years. She was a member of the Narragansett Recreational Advisory Board, the Canonchet Railroad Committee and a judge at the annual Blessing of the Fleet at Galilee for several years.

The Narragansett Lions Club honored her with its Community Achievement Award. In February she was dubbed a Knight of the Rockingham Arch, an honor bestowed by the Town Council for civic achievements.

She was a Narragansett resident since 1960 and a member of Christ United Methodist Church in South Kingstown.


She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Carole Zuercher of Narragansett and Mrs. Barbara W. Gilbert of Miami; a son, John Johnson of Stockton, Calif.; seven grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Graveside services will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. in St. Francis Cemetery, Peace Dale, South Kingstown.

Providence Journal (RI) - August 28, 1982

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